IMPORTANT UPDATE - April 28th 2019

Tips Tap Systems Announcement:





New Systems - recently launched

These NEW Systems have been LIVE since 1st January 2019



Maximus is a system for ALL-WEATHER RACING, looking for value selections. 

As there are often multiple selections per race, this is a "mini-dutching system" (several selections in the same race with the aim of a NET Profit)


Bets advised at 1 point Win & Place at BFSP.

Betting Bank: 200 points Proofed to BFSP

Sent daily by 11am; by e-mail directly to clients



Flash is a system based on the ODDS-MARKET, looking for higher odds selections. Due to the need to analyse the betting market as close to the race time as possible, this system can only be sent one hour prior to the start of racing. The Flash system is selective and may not produce selections every day.

Place at BFSP.

Betting Bank: 100 points Proofed to BFSP

Sent ONE HOUR prior to afternoon meetings & second update ONE HOUR prior to any evening meetings; by e-mail directly to clients



Balzare is a form-based system, focusing on specific courses, trainers and jockeys.

Bets advised at 1 or 2 point Win or Win & Place at BFSP.

Betting Bank: 150 points Proofed to BFSP

Sent the evening before racing; by e-mail directly to clients



Enigma is a form-based system, focusing on horse and trainer form. All UK courses and Handicap races will be analysed.

Bets advised at either 1 point or 2 point Win & Place at BFSP.

Betting Bank: 200 points Proofed to BFSP

Sent daily by 11am; by e-mail directly to clients


About Us

The aim of TipsTap is to provide a platform for a variety of horseracing systems to suit a range of betting styles and risk-tolerance levels.


The launch systems are the most reliable and profitable that we have available to date, but there are several more in the testing, tweaking and proofing stages.


Each system is rigorously tested and proofed to either Tippingleague or Racing Index for a minimum of three months, to ensure that the systems have every chance of producing a long-term profit for subscribers.


TipsTap is a result of two years background work from the systems developer and their mentor (the owner of a much respected sister site).


The project has taken some time to reach launch stage, due to our commitment to providing excellence with both our products and customer service.


TipsTap will not launch any system that we do not have 100% confidence in.

Our Racing Systems Analyst

I have had an interest in statistics, economics, finance and profit making from an early age, I felt sure that if the big players could make money in the financial markets, there must be opportunities for the rest of us to do the same.


I found statistics and market theory that applied to real-life situations fascinating.


Whilst reading Economics at University, an interest in trading penny shares developed into a passion for financial technical analysis and developing systems for spread-betting Forex (Foreign Exchange) markets.


This interest in statistics and markets led to an increased fascination with horse racing as a sport, especially as Betfair had recently emerged, linking financial and sports market trading ever closer.


Since then I have spent much time researching, developing, testing and proofing various  horseracing systems.


I have used a combination of STATISTICAL ANALYSIS: trainer, horse pedigree, course, jockey (e.g. Dark Horse System) or MARKET ANALYSIS: identifying inefficiencies in the odds market (e.g. Firenze System) to develop profitable racing systems.


After stringent testing and proofing, the elite systems have made it through this rigorous testing stage.


The systems focus on value price selections that show a long-term profit.


The Racing Systems are now available for subscription at TipsTap.

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