IMPORTANT UPDATE - December 2019






Tips Tap is LIVE & OPEN for Subscriptions Each System has its own specific page where the concept and logic of the system will be explained in greater detail. It would be impossible to follow every system, so please read the system descriptions and review the results on Racing Index to choose the risk profile that suits your own preference and betting bank.


Click on the systems page under the FLAGSHIP SYSTEMS, ALL-WEATHER, DUTCHING OR NEW SYSTEMS toolbars above for specific details on each system.


Subscription Rates and explanation of how to pay is on the Subscriptions Page. ALL results and past proofing are provided courtesy of the Racing Index Proofing website, which is fully independent. All systems have been publically proofing to us for a period of at least 6 months prior to launch and have achieved exceptional overall results in that period.


To access RESULTS just go to the system page Results. Then click the RACING INDEX Logo From 3 February 2018 we started to move all our system proofing to the ONLY truly Independent Horse Racing System Proofing website in the UK and and links to Racing Index (and past proofing, where appropriate) with be on the specific system page linked to each Horse Racing System.

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